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Charlotte Kainz
9/20/96 - 9/25/16

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We're honored to host the Charlotte Kainz 35 lap Memorial Race. And in the spirit of Charlotte's competitiveness, we're itching to grow the Pro purse. Flat Out Friday has contributed $6,000 to bring in the pros but we'd love to up the ante.  

If you would like to buy a lap in your name for $100, email Jeremy Prach directly at To see what laps are left click here.

Inside this bright-eyed, beautiful young woman was the competitive heart of a winner.  She was known as a loyal friend, loving daughter, caring soul and fierce competitor in every aspect of her life.  Charlotte lived adhering to the life concept of "do unto others, as you would have done unto you."  We will certainly miss the broad, genuine smile of the incredible young woman who was taken from us too soon.

-Charlotte Memorial 10/22/2016

Charlotte was small in stature but her strength to handle both her Honda 450 and XR Harley 750 created fans from outside flat track.  EVERYONE who met Charlotte was in awe of her humility, style and strength far from the track.

The Kainz family took my family in at the track. Without ever meeting my family, Jack set aside a spot in the pits and looked after us as though we were family.  Jack and Charlotte seemed genuinely excited to teach us, protect us and give to us.  Charlotte was a long-time mentor to my son Loyal.  Her quiet, small suggestions still ring with us.  As Charlotte would say, "Elbows up!"  is still the last thing I say to my son, Loyal, before he enters a track.   

At last year's Flat Out Friday, Charlotte finished 3rd in the Pro Main.  In a race both Jack and Charlotte were nervous would be too rough, Charlotte rode smooth and strong.  After the race, Charlotte came to collect her winnings and quietly asked if she could hug me.  I asked why. "I loved it," she said.

Charlotte, this race is for you. 

-Jeremy Prach